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Energy Calculator

Energy calculator

Use this nifty calculator to estimate how much energy you require for your load shedding solution.

It's recommended to exclude high-wattage appliances such as geysers, stoves, pool pumps, tumble driers and kettles from your load shedding solution.

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How is my energy consumption calculated?

By inputting information such as the type, number, and usage duration of your appliances, the calculator helps determine how much energy the essential appliances in your home consume, which allows you to understand the potential costs associated with financing alternative energy solutions for your home. For further guidance on reducing energy consumption and achieving sustainable living, refer to our Sustainable Living Guide. Should you consider implementing an alternative energy solution, our list of Accredited Vendors provides reliable and qualified providers to assist you. In addition, we understand the challenges posed by load shedding. Our Load Shedding Guide and Eliminate Load Shedding resources offer valuable insights and solutions to effectively navigate these periods and maintain a stable, energy-efficient household.

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