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Home Buying and Selling

15 Mar - 5 min read

Tips For Saving Money On Your Home Loan: Switch to SA Home Loans

28 Aug - 5 min read

How To Choose The Right Neighbourhood When Buying A House

28 Jul - 5 min read

8 Must-Ask Questions Before You Make An Offer On A House

As you prepare for buying a home, here are eight questions to ask before you make the…

21 Oct - 4 min read

Sectional Title versus Freehold Ownership

Properties often are available with sectional title or freehold ownership. Here's…

Home Finance

28 Aug - 5 min read

What is Considered a Good Credit Score To Apply For a Home Loan?

Credit scores are important when you apply for a home loan. Read what you should know…

3 Oct - 5 min read

How to Get a Home Loan in South Africa

Boost your chances of being approved for a home loan in SA, by making sure you get all…

2 Oct - 3 min read

GEHS Housing Access Loan

Do you qualify for a GEHS Housing Access Loan? A loan of up to R300,000 can be used for…

4 Jul - 5 min read

GEHS: The 2022 Guide to the Government Employees Housing Scheme

Everything you need to know about GEHS; monthly allowance, qualifying criteria, and how…

Home Upkeep

7 Nov - 5 min read

Top home safety tips while you are away on holiday

Ready for that end of year break? Here are a few tips you can integrate into your…

7 Nov - 5 min read

Is taking your property off the grid a good investment?

Time for you to move your home off the grid? If you’re interested in doing so, here’s…

19 Nov - 3 min read

Protect your investment with regular garden upkeep

A well-maintained garden not only adds to the resale value and overall aesthetic appeal…

19 Nov - 3 min read

How to treat rising damp – some life hacks

While the jury is still out on recent claims that there’s no such thing as rising damp,…

Sustainable living

19 Aug - 4 min read

#13 How to go off the grid and become energy independent

How much will it cost to go off the grid? Learn how to become energy independent and get…

19 Aug - 3 min read

#12 Savvy homeowners can learn how to obtain an uninterrupted water supply

Set up an uninterruptible water supply by storing municipal water and harvested rainwater…

19 Aug - 6 min read

#11 Costs for setting up a solar system and how you could finance it

Installing a solar power system at your home or complex? Learn the costs involved for…

19 Aug - 5 min read

#10 Is solar power the right option for me and where I live?

Explore this handy guide to learn how solar panels work, how many PV panels you’ll need…

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